Welcome to Brightlighton Education.

What you are about to experience is a demo of the results from a virtual school. The results are indicative of the results that could be available for your school.

These results are firstly made available to the Head Teacher who can then decide on further dissemination.

Now follow the title link to Brightlighton EDUCATION and run the Demo. You can drill down deep into the Classes and subject for more detailed information and of course read the documentation to help you navigate and analysis the meanings.

We have presented the information is an easy to read visual format shown in a simple traffic light format.

Results are displayed per class e.g. 1A, 2A, 3A etc. and per subject e.g. English, Mathematics History etc.

Results per class are useful for the Form Teacher or for Pastoral care.

Results per subject are useful for the Head of Department.

For purposes of the Demo please use classes 1A, 4A,5A and 6A

Head Teachers, in association with others can look into these results further and determine what action to take. 

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